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St. Mary's Charity Brunch

I've been able to do a lot of really cool things because of Brunch Boys, but this weekend's brunch at American Whiskey will be a brunch that I will never forget. Not only did we get to pack the house and eat all of the amazing food at American Whiskey, we were able to partner with a great cause and help raise over $500 for St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children! If you want to help and donate even more to them, please CLICK HERE.

But lets get back to the food. Don't judge American Whiskey on its proximity to the hell hole that is Penn Station, but relish in the fact that there is some amazing food coming out of the kitchen in an area where there really isnt that many good options. People are constantly asking me on where they could eat in the area, and I finally have a place I am confident in sending them to. The food was so good, that as soon as the plates landed they were almost instantaneously devoured by our 35+ guests that came out! At least I was able to grab some to get some pics!

american whiskey