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Brunch Boys Travel to Aruba

We partnered with Aruba Marriott to get a "taste" of the best of the best of Aruba! I had actually never been on a resort vacation like this, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was excited for a whole lotta sunshine and some unreal food! Above is a little snippet of my favorite day while I was down there, but there was so much more fun and deliciousness than even that!

Here are a few of my favorite shots and memories of the trip

Exploring the vast array of food options was obviously my favorite part of the trip, especially being able to sample the absolute freshest food Aruba had to offer. One day we went foraging in the ocean, catching and then cooking everything we found right there on the beach. Another day we visited Zeerovers for lunch which has fish so fresh you see it coming up from the ocean, being broken down, and then cooked all right in front of you! I've never had fish and chips this fresh and amazing!

Bonus points for the Marriott Aruba having a casino inside the hotel! So no matter what the time, you always have something to do! Although if just chilling by the pool and beach is your thing, there is nothing wrong with heading out back and watching the sun go down! For some reason it looks much more beautiful in Aruba than in New York.


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