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Uber Rewards is Here!

This post is sponsored by Uber. Learn more at Terms Apply. As an AVID user of both Uber and Uber Eats, I was super excited to find out about their brand new Uber Rewards program! Every eligible ride and Uber Eats order earns you points and goes towards moving up the tier you’re in.

Like I said, I use Uber and Uber Eats a lot, so I was actually already in the Platinum Tier when I first signed up! Between events and “research” for Brunch Boys, my meals are usually eaten out, so sometimes it’s nice to chill and have a meal in the comfort of my own home. A go to for me is sushi, because I’m always, always craving it. Just look at how happy I am with my sushi order - can’t help it!

As a Platinum Uber Rewards member, some of the benefits that I've already been able to receive are totally worth it-- I landed at LaGuardia Airport and took advantage of the fact that being in the Platinum Tier means that I get priority access to the closest driver-partners when I'm riding from most airports! And since I travel a ton, that’s really huge for me!

Best of all, with every 500 points I earn, I get $5 Uber Cash back that I can use on both rides and Uber Eats! And as you can see with this sushi order, I'm going to be spending a lot, and definitely accumulating points and getting Uber Cash back! Which means.... even more sushi!


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