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Amsterdam Brunch Guide

When people hear you’re traveling to Amsterdam, they tend to have pre-conceived notions about what your day to day activities may look like. Amsterdam is an eclectic mix of ethnicities, designs, and cuisines; It really does feel like a version of New York, but with less noise and gorgeous canals lining every street. Besides any promiscuous behavior you may be getting yourself into in Amsterdam, the food scene is pretty happening with spots for the trendy and, of course, spots for those with a bad case of the munchies.

There are famous food halls, cheeseries, and crazy decadent places to dine, but here are some special spots that are centrally located so you can soak up all the art, food, design, and whatever else your heart desires, along your journey throughout the Netherlands.

Bar Moustache

Bar Moustache is an Italian cafe that's incredibly delicious and even more incredibly priced. From cheese plates, to pizza and epic egg dishes, everything you can get here is booming with flavor (and with little cost). You should definitely accompany any dish with a wine from their wine list to kick off your food tour of Amsterdam. This restaurant is super cozy, the staff is really friendly, and despite the dishes being of Italian origin, everything is fresh and local.

Bar Moustache cheese plate

Bakers and Roasters

This brazilian and Australian inspired restaurant is everything you could possibly want out of a fresh and organic restaurant, but with specific comfort foods. Summery vibes and trendy patterns within the space makes Bakers and Roasters a staple for your modern brunching endeavors. Classic acai bowls and unique breakfast combos, like eggs and grilled halloumi cheese, are served beautifully on a regular basis, but you might want a reservation as everyone in Amsterdam is fighting to eat here.

Cloud Gallery

One thing Amsterdam is absolutely known for is its art culture. Home of famous artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, time is well spent gazing at incredible art. There are, however, some small spots where you can do both marvel at art and enjoy some brunch. Cloud Gallery is one of those places. With a small, but pretty sweet, menu of breakfast bowls, you can get the best of both worlds. The modern and all white interior makes for a contemporary dining experience that compliments the traditional architecture that is present along the entire span of the city.

Cloud Gallery acai bowl and parfait

Avocado Show

This OG avocado restaurant is doing some crazy things with avocado. From a basic take on avo toast (with a not-so-basic avocado rose), an insane poke bowl (the bowl itself being made of avocado), hummus stuffed avocado halves, and an avocado mousse filled with a coconut-date-truffle made to look exactly like an avocado, this establishment has peaked in terms of avocado creativity. Beautiful millennial pink, suede seating and a stylish presentation of plates and drinks deems the Avocado Show a truly out-of-the-box dining experience.

Pancake Bakery

Dutch pancakes are a must when visiting the Netherlands. However, if you’re going to do it big, there's one dutch pancake spot that's better than all others and that’s the Pancake Bakery. Entering the Pancake Bakery, you feel like you're entering a medieval cafe. The old stone and wood accents surrounding the restaurant gives it some old world charm, which can be hard to find in the modern foodie scene. While this cafe has the traditional dutch flavors, the restaurant always stays on trend with seasonal pancakes circulating the menu. The restaurant is run on the notion of hospitality and a passion for authentic, delicious flavors that maintain the integrity of the soft, fluffy, and simple pancake base. The pancakes are best enjoyed with a cheese of sorts, cinnamon ice cream and stroop waffles, or just drizzled with lemon juice and powdered sugar.



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