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Brunch Boys Travels: Telluride Colorado

Thanks to the Telluride Ski Resort and Visit Telluride* I got to spend a few days in the spectacular mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, where I not only got to eat the best of the best that the town had to offer, but I also got to ski for the very first time! I'll get to all the cool activities I got to do, but first lets take a look at the food! When you spend all day on the mountains, you are going to work up quite the appetite and Telluride offers some amazing variety and selections using a ton of locally sourced ingredients!

The Butcher and Baker- Located in the middle of town, Butcher and Baker is a cute little fast casual cafe serving up a delicious brunch that definitely saved me from #TooMuchTequila from the night before. The standout dish was the Strata which had eggs, bacon, goat cheese, and scallions mixed into one amazing dish!

Brown Dog Pizza- I'm always a little hesitant to try pizza outside of New York City, but after everyone recommended Brown Dog Pizza, I knew I had to try it out! And I'm very happy to say that it lived up to the promise everyone made for me! There were endless amounts of options and types of Pizzas to choose from, but I went with their Detroit style pie called The Brooklyn Bridge which had ricotta, pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and chopped garlic.

Tacos Del Gnar- Another highly recommended place when speaking with the locals in Telluride was Tacos Del Gnar, and again, it didn't disappoint! My two favorite items were the Korean Short Rib Tacos, and the Tater Tots that come covered in queso! Perfect to fill your belly with after a day of skiing!

Tomboy Tavern- Sitting right in the center of Telluride Ski Resort, Tomboy is the perfect spot to take a quick break from skiing and fill your belly with some great bar bites! The San Juan Nachos were especially a standout as they came on homemade potato chips and piled high with cheddar cheese sauce, chili, pico de gallo, and sour cream!

Bon Vivant- Sitting literally in the middle of the mountain, Bon Vivant is an outdoor restaurant with unbeatable views (you are over 11,000 feet up) and French Cuisine! This is a must stop destination if you are visiting Telluride. My favorite dish on the menu was the newly added Poutine with pan fried potatoes.

221 South Oak- Inside a refurbished house, 221 South Oak promises a menu full of locally grown and sourced ingredients, meaning every time you go, you could see totally different items on the menu. Figured since I was in Colorado I'd give the Venison a shot, which was prepared as an Osso Bucco with a Sweet Potato Mash, and crusted with a Pistachio Gremolata.

La Marmotte- While La Marmotte is over 20 years old, the restaurant is actually inside of a building that has been in Telluride for over 125 years! Originally the Ice House for the town, it now houses one of Telluride's best restaurants, serving a French Bistro style menu with a different selection of items that changes with what ingredients they get in. My favorite was the trip of Deviled Eggs appetizer that had on egg come on a big piece of thick cut Bacon!

New Sheridan Chophouse- New Sheridan Chop House is exactly what you would expect from a big giant steakhouse, and thats a good thing! Being in Colorado, you can also get a ton of different types of meat, like; Elk, Boar, Lamb, Bison, and of course all the beef and seafood you could ever want! Me being a cheap date, went with their Chop House Steak Burger and it was to die for! Loved the soft buttery roll it came on, which balanced perfectly with the saltiness of the cheese!

Allreds- No trip to Telluride can be complete without a meal at Allreds. Sitting at the top of the mountain before the gondola heads down either into the village or Telluride, is Allreds. Being the sole building at the top of the mountain means you are getting some of the most beautiful views of the town, which is only accentuated by the large glass windows surrounding the restaurant. It's truly breathtaking, and that's before the food even comes out! This is Telluride's flagship restaurant which excels in offering a menu full of local sourced and sustainable ingredients, as well as an extensive wine list! My favorite on the menu was the Potato Croutons appetizer!

Yes, there was a TON of food in Telluride, but it's all the outdoor activities that bring the most people to this picturesque mountain town, and there was no shortage of that either on my trip! I got to both ski and snowmobile for the first time, and both were an absolute blast; and offered the best way to see all of the mountains! If you don't want to get so extreme, you can take in a day at the spa like I did on my third day and enjoy such services as a massage and acupuncture! Or just walking around the town and riding the gondola up and down the mountain will let you meet some of the nicest and most interesting people that are both visiting and living in Telluride. Whether you are into skiing or not, Telluride is the perfect getaway with amazing food, views, and people!

Also-- Here are the some of cutest puppies ever that I found!

*Telluride provided all travel, accommodations, food, and activities. #Ad