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Racing to Excellence with G.H. Mumm

In partnership with G.H. Mumm I got to experience what Formula E Racing was all about when I was lucky enough to go with them to the cocktail launch party for the first Race Car event that has ever taken place in New York City! Where in the world could they stage a race track in New York City is what I'm sure you are asking, I know I certainly was, and the answer would be Red Hook Brooklyn! So I took the trip through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to arrive at this massive race track set up! It was sort of amazing to see what they had built, and to think that in just a few days, there would be cars zipping by to win the the 9th and 10 stages of the Formula E season races.

Sipping on champagne, eating some delicious hors d'oeuvres, and rubbing elbows with some of the best race car drivers in the world, all while looking out at the skyline of New York City would've been been an amazing night as it is, but as the official champagne partner of Formula E, G.H. Mumm had one more surprise up their sleeves to show off how their partnership strives to show off their ongoing commitment to “Dare, Win, Celebrate.” And that surprise comes from their CEO (thats Chief Entertainment Officer) Usain Bolt. Yes, the worlds fastest human alive and multiple time Olympic Gold Medalist, with some help from a Formula E car, was going to take on the Mumm challenge: catching a flying champagne cork before it hits the ground. Sadly Usain Bolt was off training, so he wouldn't be taking the challenge live, but a special presentation was instead going to take place. Without any other information given, we were escorted on to the race track, something I'm sure is only reserved for a select few, and we took a walk around the track to find ourselves looking at a giant projector, which was going to show off the race on the side of a massive building! Does Usain win? Well watch below to see for yourself!

Of course he won! No matter what kind of race it is, did you really think that the worlds fastest man was going to be beat? The partnership between G.H. Mumm and Formula E is designed to capture the avant-garde spirit of Mumm, its quest for excellence and passion for innovation, and those are exactly the feelings i left with as I took the trip back home to Manhattan.