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Making Breakfast Sandwiches with June Oven

We partnered with June Oven to throw a Breakfast Sandwich party for all of our influencer and media friends! People got to choose: what type of bread, cheese, meats, and other accoutrements to add to their breakfast sandwich, and then it was time for the June smart oven to get to work. Starting by putting the Bacon into the oven, June automatically recognizes it as Bacon and sets the time and temperature accordingly. As you wait for the proper time to put into the eggs and bread in, you don't have to stand and stare at the oven, because it has a camera inside of it, which you can watch from your ipad! Bacon was crisp, eggs were done, and the cheese was perfectly melted on an english muffin, and then it was time to assemble. For my sandwich I also added Avocado, because how could i resist? Check out for more info. #Sponsored

June oven, bec



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