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Most Liked Instagram Dishes of 2016

We ate so many amazing dishes this year, and I can rattle off some of my favorites, but I thought it would be more fun to share what dishes my followers "liked" the most out of everything that we posted!

1) French Fries from Shaya - 41.2k Likes

These fries MUST be good, because I posted two different photos and each were the #1 and #2 top liked photos of the year, with the other posting racking up over 30k likes as well!

2) Cotton Candy Baked Alaska from Phillipe Chow- 27.1k likes

Anytime you get to light your dessert on fire, you know its going to be good!

3) Mac n Cheese from Bedford and Co.- 23.5k likes

This was one of my favorite mac n cheeses of the year, along with one of my favorite brunches! I guess people agreed!

4) Mac n Cheese from Proper West- 23.2k likes

I can still taste and smell the truffle oil that ran through this Mac n Cheese!

5) Scallops from Cafe Medi- 22k likes

Just look at that perfect sear!

6) French Fries from Catch- 20.6k likes

Topped with truffle and parm cheese!

7) Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls from Cafeteria- 19.6k likes

Is this really a surprise? People LOVE crazy food mashups!

8) Classic Burger from Salvation Burger- 18.9k likes

One of the most beautiful, but more importantly, most delicious burgers of the year!

9) French Fries from Leave Rochelle Out Of it- 18.9k likes

More french fries with cheese! I'm seeing a pattern developing

10) Fish Tacos from El Toro Blanco- 18.8k likes

Taco Tuesdays have never been better!

So what have we learned? I guess it's that as many "crazy" and "wacky" dishes that we saw created in 2016, at the end of the day, people still "like" the comfort food they grew up with the most! Just look at how many French Fries were in the top 10! Were my followers wrong? What do you guys thinks should've been included?


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