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Brunch Boys Travels: Melbourne Australia

In partnership with Visit Victoria, I got to head down under and discover what makes Melbourne, Australia such an amazing city! Not only was I there to see and eat everything amazing about Melbourne, but I was lucky enough to be there during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant awards show, so it was a non stop marathon of eating, drinking, and having fun!


Lets talk about the food first, because Melbourne has some of the best and most culturally diverse food that I have found in my travels. If you want to read and see where I brunched CLICK HERE, otherwise here is everywhere else I chowed down.

Chin Chin


Sichuan House

Nuts About Tella

Hu Tong Dumpling

400 Gradi

Royal Stacks



But there is so much more to Melbourne than just the food. I took a day trip out to the peninsula to check out some local farms and wineries, and also visited the Melbourne Zoo where I got to play with Kangaroos, and get kissed by a seal! Other activities included trips to the Peninsula Hot Springs, Arts Centre Spire, Mock Red Hill, checking out all the amazing street art, and the Queens Victoria Market.

Being there for both the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, as well as the World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards Show, wmeant I also got to go to a bunch of awesome Food and Wine events, as well as the awards show itself.


Melbourne is full of bars, clubs, lounges, and rooftops, so no matter what you are looking for, you will definitely be able to have a fun time! Here are the spots I went to for some drinks; Heartbreaker, QT Hotel Rooftop, Spice Market, The Gin Palace, and Chaise Lounge. There are probably a few more I can add to this list, but after #TooMuchTequila sometimes I forget where I ended up exactly.


To get to Melbourne I was able to be on one of the first Virgin Australia flights that was flying direct from LA to Melbourne, and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. Yes, the flight across the Pacific might seem daunting but I've never flown on a more comfortable Premium Economy seat, or had better food on a flight. I passed my time with Mad Men marathon, and the time literally "flew" by.

While in Melbourne I stayed at one of their newest hotels, the QT Hotel, which was super chic and comfortable, and on my day to the peninsula I stayed at Big Blue Backyard which was one of the most unique stays I've ever had. At Big Blue I had my own "hideaway" with an outdoor jacuzzi, and shower, as well as a ton of fresh fruits, meats, and cheeses that were perfect for a beach breakfast.

Overall Melbourne was truly an unbelievable experience! I absolutely have to go back to not only discover more about the city, but also everywhere else Australia has to offer.

*Visit Victoria sponsored the whole trip in exchange for Instagram coverage and this blog post.