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Copenhagen Brunch Guide

From Michelin Star establishments to quaint cafes, Copenhagen, Denmark has put itself on the map as a foodie capital. Famous Nordic cuisine is everywhere you look, insane concept restaurants are taking over the dining scene, and the brunch is nothing shy of extraordinary. In NY, brunch is more a time of day than it is a style of food. New Yorkers do brunch with all the foods: pasta, burgers, you name it, but in Copenhagen, brunch is a smorgasbord of delicious, sweet and savory items presented with precision.

Every restaurant in Copenhagen embodies the notion of “hygge,” which directly translates to cozy, and creates an ambiance of togetherness and comfort. That being said, if the fresh and flavorful food isn’t enough to get you to understand how Danes dine, the feeling of being taken care of hopefully will.

Here are some go-to spots for brunch in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Lasse Andersen started making his porridge creations as a way to incorporate decadence and health into one bowl. Sweet sensations like dulce de leche and savory hits like ricotta filled risottos have made Grød one of the most popular breakfast/lunch spots in Copenhagen and beyond. The rustic aesthetic for to-stay options and the easy to-go varieties make this porridge joint a real crowd pleaser. You may think you've had some great oatmeal from your quaker oats package or some high-class risotto from your favorite Italian restaurant, but I can assure you nothing will compare to the presentation and flavor combinations at Grød.

Mad og Kaffe

Arguably the most sought after brunch place in Copenhagen, Mad og Kaffe has a line forming every weekend for its famous brunch bowls. Here, you pick 3, 5, or 7 bowls filled with all the classics. Some items include perfectly cooked eggs, buttery pastries, creamy smoked salmon, and crunchy granola. Everything is served on a board pulling all your brunch dreams together into one meal. Mad og Kaffe is a must add to your list of food activities, which could end up being a little too long.


Well, just as its name suggests, Bæst is truly some of the best pizzas around, and yes, that’s coming from an avid New York pizza consumer. This place only makes two pizzas at a time in their pizza oven to make sure each one comes out perfectly. The classic tomato sauce and burrata, made from their very own in-house cheeserie, is crunchy and chewy, but still super thin. The sourdough is on another level and the fact that you can add truffle to any dish shows that these people know how to make an average Italian meal turn into an above average one. If Bæst isn’t on your list, you’re making a serious mistake.

Atelier September

As far as unique cafes go, Atelier September is one of a kind. This tiny shop barely has a kitchen, yet it whips out some pretty complex and satisfying dishes. The best avocado toast can easily be found here, along with obscure, but awesome, options like yogurt with zucchini jam and salads with edible flowers. This place is perfect for a quick bite or an elongated moment of amazement about how something so simple could be so good.



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