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Fit and Food Q+A: Jeremiah Maestre of ShadowBox

"Food plays a HUGE role in my life ;). I am all about working hard and playing hard. By playing hard I mean eating chicken and waffles paired up with a cold beer."

shadowbox, jeremiah maestre

Health and fitness are both the backbone of the Brunch Boys endeavors. However, maintaining a balance between indulgence and sustainability can be easier said than done. We’ve gathered some insights from some of the greatest fitness AND foodie influencers to show it’s possible to enjoy and let loose without losing control.

To Jeremiah Maestre, boxing is life. He is currently a master instructor, the Director of Personal Training, and a part of the Instructor Development Team at Shadowbox. Shadowbox combines body weight exercises, shadowboxing, and heavy bag work with intense training intervals all in a dark room with pumping music, for one super fun, and super intense workout. Jeremiah spends the majority of his time teaching classes, and training clients one on one. When he’s not at the gym, you can find him bonding with his dog Sophie, or engaging in some serious eats. Maestre embodies what it means to truly work hard to achieve your goals. "Work hard. Play hard. Eat hard." At Brunch Boys, we like the way Jeremiah thinks.

shadowbox, jeremiah maestre

Q and A

Q: What’s your daily workout routine?

Jeremiah: 530AM Wake up call, followed by an early morning class or client. I then head over to Brooklyn to train with my boxing trainer. Training with other active boxers in the New York scene helps keep my skills sharp and helps me improve at a rapid rate. Depending on the day I may double up on my workouts with a Shadowbox Class from any of our amazing instructors or a strength and conditioning session. At these sessions I work on a lot of leg strength through heavy resistance training, or high intensity sprints. I will then head back to work to train instructors, more clients, and end the day teaching a late night class. Training people through one on ones and classes are a workout in itself.

Q: What role does food play in your life? Live to eat? Eat to live? Workout to eat to live?

Jeremiah: Food plays a HUGE role in my life ;). I am all about working hard and playing hard. By playing hard I mean eating chicken and waffles paired up with a cold beer.

Q: We believe food is delicious and goes deeper than nourishment, but food is without a doubt fuel. What is your pre and post workout fuel?

Jeremiah:Doughnuts and a couple shots of espresso and I feel like I can take on the world lol. For a post workout meal I will do anything high in protein. Realistically a bacon cheeseburger hahahaha

Q: Do you believe in cheat days? If so what are your cheat day eats?

Jeremiah: Yes of course. I believe in cheat vacations. Experiencing different cultures and pushing the envelope on how much of their food I can take in, in the short amount of time I visit. Last visit was Barcelona and I definitely took in as much bravas and sangria as possible.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to dine in NYC? Do you have a favorite Brunch spot?

Jeremiah: SWEET CHICK LIFE. Every Sunday my fiancé and I go to Sweet Chick. Chicken and Waffles; a side of bacon, and some 90’s hip hop. The little things… I also love this Filipino cafe in Woodside, Queens called Krystals. I go every other week. It's authentic Filipino food just like my Lola would make, plus my barber is next door.

Q: What are your guilty pleasures both food related and non-food related?

Jeremiah: Training, traveling, and enjoying a good meal with good people. Nothing beats spending valuable time with those you care about over some food. The drinks are a plus too.

Q: What’s the best thing you ever ate?

Jeremiah: A5 Wagyu :)

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to start living a healthier lifestyle?

Jeremiah: Ease in to it. Set goals, followed up with a strategic plan on how you will execute those goals. Down to every single detail. Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

Jeremiah: Nothing beats a fine weekend workout at Shadowbox followed by some 90’s music and chicken and waffles. Jus sayin...

shadowbox, jeremiah maestre


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